Colter Wall

Growing up in a small Texas town I listened to a lot of country music and classic rock. However, after leaving there to live in San Marcos I was introduced to many more types of music. I find that you can really tell a lot about a person from the type of music they listen to. I feel that the feeling of the music someone is listening to is a direct correlation to how they are feeling on the inside.

Growing up listening to my dads country music tapes in his truck when we were working on the ranch or on long road trips is what made me like this type of music. A large part of what makes you like a cetain genre or album I believe is the way you felt when you really first listened to it. It becomes a part of the memory and really can bring you back to a time and a place. It reminds me of my family and so it is nostalgic for me in this way. For most of my music listening I use Spotify

Live concerts are a really exciting part about being a huge music fan. I have seen quite a few of my favorites in person but there are still a lot of people I would like to see. My first festival was actually Mala Luna in 2017 so I am really new to them. I saw a lot of people I was a huge fan of and had a lot of fun with my friends so I have tried to go to more since. I have also been to ACL and I believe that was in 2017 as well. Most recently, I took a trip to Houston for Astrofest with a few of my friends. The memories we made we will remember forever and I cannot wait to make more.

First Name Last Name Age
Colter Wall 24
Pat Green 47