Pictured above is one of my proudest sportsman achievements. It is a Blue Marlin that I caught in the Pacific just off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a catch and release so we just pulled it onto the deck of the boat for the photo and then let it go back into the depths of the ocean. It measured at about 74 inches. We fished with Redrum Fishing, a veteran owned and supported fishing guide that we met on the marina there just a short taxi ride from Riu Sante Fe where we were staying.


I feel like when I am out there on the water I have no worries. You typically have to be up and getting bait and preparing early in the morning. I would complain about that in most cases but it sure is beautiful to watch the sun rise over the water. This is something I am relatively new at so I wouldn't say I am very seasoned but I would like to become more knowledagble about it. I feel that more and more people lose sight of these skills that have been passed down for so long and I'd like to see them stick around a while longer.


Pictured above are a couple of photos of me fishing with my father, uncle, and cousin in Rockport, Texas. We have famiy in the area and are lucky enough to be asked out and it is always a good time. I am not sure whether it is spending time with the family or the fishing, but either way the outdoors hold a special place in my heart.