Jalen Hurts

When I was growing up my older brother was always playing sports and when I got big enough to play them with him I fell in love with them. Competing to win, and if you didn't, going over why and trying to fix that part of your game is an addicting process. However, I am slow, too short, and horribly out of shape so I decided my love would evolve to just watching them.

Kyler Murray

Growing up I was a huge Oklahoma sooners fan and am to this day. My father grew up in Moore, Oklahoma so I was brainwashed from an early age to cheer for crimson and cream. Throughout the years they have had a lot of success. In fact, they have claimed 7 National Championship titles and 48 conference titles. A few big name rivals would be Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and the University of Texas.

Baker Mayfield

They have had many talented players throughout their storied dynasty. Many of which winning the most prestigious award for an indvidual in college football, the Heisman Trophy. As of 2019 the Sooners have racked up 7 Heisman winners and 80 All-Americans. In a couple weeks, I will be going to Norman for my first home game. The Sooners will face the West Virginia Mountaineers at 11 A.M. and I couldnt be more excited.