Bobchat is a student developed sports experience. Texas State Football has a plethora of hard-workin individuals. However if you have ever been to a football game or other sporting event you can sense there is something missing. A lot of the seats are empty. We were tasked with coming up with a way to combat that. I have been to a number our own Texas State football games and then to see the comparison of another school at the same division 1 level, the difference is staggering.

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Bobchat An Interactive Sports Experience

College students today live through our phones. This is not a bad thing, it is just different. As time marches on, technology changes and new innovations are implemented. Receiving content via television is becoming a way of the past as streaming services take a front seat. One endearing aspect of platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Instagram Live is the sense of community that is formed by those viewing the stream. People check in and say hello, catch up with friends, or enjoy and react to the stream which is the main entertainment. Interacting with others in the chat of livestreams makes viewers feel like part of the action and is more engaging than just watching a Youtube video or the VoDs from previous streams. Live chats allow for participation!

In the case of a Texas State football game, there is no streamed content because the entertainment is the sporting event happening right in front of the attendees. Students check in to the location via the app on their phone (or scanning id) and are thrust into the “Bobchat”. Here they will be able to react to plays in real-time, talk about the halftime show, or formulate the perfect crowd wave. Not only will participants be able to converse with other Bobcats but they will also be able to enter promotions or express interest in being a part of the promotions to the sports marketing team via the chat by opting in right there in the application.

This model, if implemented into sporting events at Texas State University could build a sense of community amongst attendees. Bringing the sense of togetherness from tailgate inside the stadium.