Rock the Vote Creative Thought Process

The campaigns you have seen throughout the site were not created overnight or with little thought. There is a whole backside to making creative that directs the story. Positions that direct the creative in its early stages are known as account planners. They get the hard data and make a creative brief which is then given to the art directors and copy writers to create the actual ads.

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Quiet! Creative at work!

Here is a photo of the creative team brainstorming. The post it notes on the wall were once 400 or so strong and then were dwindled down until we got to those that remain. Typically we break up into a few groups so that groupthink does not occur. This is when people will just go with the rest of the group in fear of being different or having a dissenting idea. This just goes to show how long of a process it can be with many hours spent discussing our crazy ideas.

Rock the Vote is able to reach more people because of our brand and celebrity partners. The fans of our brand and celebrity partners are already part of a community and are attempting to continue to fit in by following influence of our partners. To continue to gain traction by using popular culture we will need to run campaigns with younger influencers. A lot of the ads are outdated and have people who may not attract as many young people.

Social Media

Social Media is a very important part of marketing and advertising. To reach the demographic we are try to target (18-24 year olds not voting in midterm elections) we will send out tweets encouraging them to do so.